Our Waterjet system has 60,000 PSI and a 6’ x 11’ cutting envelope. With two heads our turnaround time excels where single heads fall short.

Shown here cutting alumina oxide tile we are also experienced with many common materials such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper along with plastics such as UHMW, Tyvar, Tyvar HOT and Lexan. In many cases the accuracy allows cutting shapes to size eliminating any need for further machining. This saves time on secondary operations.

Add to this our 14”x 14” x 45 degree sawing capabilities and we can handle most any of our client’s needs.

With our cutting equipment we can cut directly from your DWG or DXF files saving time and money.

Our CNC cutting table incorporates both plasma and oxy/acetylene systems.

With a 5’ x 10’ cutting envelope we can handle materials from gauge to 2” thick.